Battle of the Eye Creams: Lady Soma Stem Cell + Collagen VS Made From Earth Chamomile Eye Therapy

It's been a while since I've posted - but what better way to get back into blogging than a product review featuring a battle between two eye creams from two sister companies!?

When I was contacted to review these products (the companies sent them along complimentary) I was really excited! Eye creams are something I love to use, but don't get to try out too often because it takes me forever to go through one. Which product did I like best? Let's find out...



  • stimulates new skin cells, collagen production
  • soft + firm skin, repairs damage, plumps, clear luminous skin, fine lines + wrinkles are less visible over time
  • rich moisture
  • gently calms
  • reduce wrinkles
  • soothing
  • helps with dark circles + bags
$54.99/ 2 oz

$22.99/ 1oz

stem cells, peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, coconut, vitamin c (mostly natural ingredients)

chamomile, vitamin c, minerals, evening primrose, vitamin e, (entirely natural ingredients)

PACKAGING screw top lid, glass jarscrew top lid, glass jar

HOW TO USE 1x daily

1x/5 days - with breaks in between 5 day treatments

SCENT nice, fresh, slightly fruity

strong, herbal

TEXTURE slightly thicker, not overly heavy feeling

very light and thin

  • nicely hydrating
  • non-irritating
  • smooths skin 
  • long lasting moisture
  • refreshing
  • nicely hydrating
  • refreshing
  • long lasting moisture
  • eye area looks brighter 
  • no major difference with many 5 day periods of use
(Image Credit: photos are taken from company websites)


Although they are both great products, and moisturize the eye area well, I prefer the Somaluxe Stem Cell + Collagen moisturizer from Lady Soma. The scent of the Chamomile Eye Therapy is too strong for me, and I find it slightly offensive and hard to handle even though it does fade with time. I have not noticed any major differences in my fine lines over the last couple months of use, and I have noticed no difference in the other imperfections in my eye areas such as dark circles and milia. I feel that I'd rather just keep the area nicely hydrated with cell renewal ingredients rather than use something that I need to keep track of how many days I'm using it etc. The stem cell moisturizer can also be used all over your face so it is a multipurpose product. I like it's thicker consistency, the way it makes my skin feel, and the scent of the product.


Debbie (CosmeticsCounsel)

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