L'oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Skincare Line Review (Influenster)

When I received this line from Influenster complimentary for review, I was intrigued and excited to try it! It is geared towards aging skin, and I am approaching 30 so I am starting to notice my skin texture changing, as well as some fine lines starting to appear. These products contain glycolic acid to assist in exfoliation and improving skin texture, revealing visibly brighter, more radiant skin.

Brightening Scrub Cleanser

While I like the general ingredients of this product, like Glycolic Acid, Vitamin Cg, and Pro-Retinol, I need to start my review by stating that I think it's ridiculous that the exfoliating bits in this product are basically made of plastic (acrylates copolymer) which is proven to be terrible for the environment, as well as terrible on sensitive facial skin because it can cause micro tears. With that aside, I've been using this scrub for a few weeks and it confuses me that you are instructed to use it every morning and evening rather than 2-3 times per week as with most scrubs. This scrub is gentle, but it's not that gentle and I don't particularly like using it twice a day. It has a nice fresh scent, doesn't lather very well, but a little bit goes a long way. My skin does feel smoother and clean after using this scrub but because of the plastic exfoliators, I won't purchase this product. 

Brightening Daily Lotion
I am pleasantly surprised by this day moisturizer. I was immediately impressed by the packaging. It's a very nice, heavy and sturdy bottle that is aesthetically pleasing. When I apply it, it almost feels like a brightening makeup primer. A little bit goes a long way, and I can immediately see the "brightening" effects because of whatever they put into this. It is basically an illuminator. I love that this has SPF 30 in it, because I don't even have think about sunscreen which is an absolute must when you are using the other products in the line that contain glycolic acid. I would consider picking this up again! 

Brightening Peel Pads
When I first got them I thought they were just glorified oxy pads - that's what they remind me of. They look and feel just like the acne pads of my adolescence, although they are thicker and better made than those. The packaging is nice, and easy to use. I've used them every night since I got them, and I'm almost out. I like that these have glycolic acid in them, and I enjoy using them every night. I feel like they've been helping to keep my skin smoother and brighter in a very gentle way. They don't irritate my skin or make my eyes burn while I am using them - they're great for people who have sensitive skin and are sensitive to strong scents because they are not overwhelming. The price is not too bad for the ingredient you're getting either, and I think this is going to be something I will repurchase from the line. 

Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer
When I first got it, I was intrigued by it because I've never used something like this that combines two different sections into one, and I also knew that this product was expensive! This product is easy to use, the packaging looks really cool, and I like the way the product easily glides over my skin. I wish that it would sink INTO my skin though, and my husband often comments that my skin feels "tacky" after I use this, which is a huge downside of this moisturizer. I do like the way my skin looks in the morning, but it's an effect that seems like it is washed away when I do my morning skincare routine. My skin has overall been looking brighter and more even, but I'm not sure if it's attributed to this product in particular since I am using the whole line currently. While I like this, I'm not sure if I'd purchase it again for myself. 

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Debbie (CosmeticsCounsel) 

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