Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Deep Conditioner Review

I love to try new deep conditioners from the drugstore. Since I've been trying a lot of the Garnier Whole Blends products, I thought I'd review the Honey Treasures repairing deep conditioner for you.


The price of this product is pretty typical for a hair treatment from the drugstore at $6.96 regular price. I have no issues with that price range, and find it affordable especially since it's a product you are only meant to use occasionally.


I am not a fan of tubs of product, but this seems to be the regular packaging for deep conditioners, although I'd prefer a squeeze tube.

The Product

This conditioner is meant to be reconstructing, helping to repair brittle, damaged hair and make hair stronger to prevent future damage. I have no idea whether or not this product did that for my hair, but I love how thick and creamy this product is. The texture of this product reminds me a lot of the much more pricey macadamia deep repair mask. If you love that product, I'd recommend you try this and compare!

Final Thoughts

This product is something that is just okay for me. I don't know how damaged or brittle my hair is, but my hair is definitely dry. I'm looking for something that is incredibly hydrating because that is the main thing that helps with my hair issues - dryness and frizz. This is not the perfect product for me and since I'm not sure if it actually does anything for me, I won't be repurchasing this particular mask even though I love the texture of it.

- xo -

Debbie (CosmeticsCounsel)


  1. I don't like tubs either! Why can't all hair products like this just be in squeeze tubes? SO much more sanitary. But anyways, stinks that this didn't work great for you.

    1. Yeah, I'll just try another one! I like the avocado one from this same line but I haven't seen that one anywhere in stores near me for some reason. Next I have a coconut water vanilla one in my shower :) I'm trying a lot of the Garnier Whole Blends stuff cuz I'm so intrigued by the line.