L'oreal Superior Preference Infinia Hair Dye Review

Lately I have been loving experimenting with different shades of red for my hair, so when I was accepted into the L'oreal Infinia hair dye campaign with Influenster, I was pretty excited. I received the shade "Red Mahogany" to review, but of course, all opinions are my own...

The kit comes with the usual things, the hair dye, the developer, a conditioner, gloves AND a new concept that I've never seen included in a drugstore box dye before, a colour refresher. This is basically a colour depositing conditioner that is supposed to refresh the red tones in your hair, helping your colour last longer.

My hair was already a similar shade of red when I received this dye, so my initial results were not drastic.
You can see that the dye basically refreshed the colour I already had and brightened up the red tones a bit.

The dye was a little bit more difficult to work with than some other brands I've used in the past, because the solution was a little bit more runny, so you need to be careful about drips when applying. It was not the most gentle of formulas I've ever used either, and my hair felt dry and was extremely tangled upon rinsing.

I waited the two weeks after I dyed my hair to try the colour refresher. As instructed, you are supposed to apply the refresher at 2 weeks, as well as at 4 weeks to keep your colour looking like new. However, there was not nearly enough product provided to do this. I was able to use one box of dye to cover my hair, but the refresher only lasted one use for me, not two like it was supposed to.

You can see that in two weeks, my colour faded a little bit to a brighter auburn shade, and the ends no longer looked as red. After using the refresher, my colour looked a little bit brighter, and more even.

I would recommend this dye to anyone who's looking for something that will last. I would purchase this again, only next time I will wait until 4 weeks have passed to use the refresher so that my results last even longer. It is so hard to keep up with red hair, so this was a great marketing idea and a great product!

Have you tried this before? Or any other colour depositing refresher!? I'd love to hear about it.

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Debbie (CosmeticsCounsel)

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  1. Great to see that the refresher really works - may just need to try this! x

    The Belle Narrative